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ABC Kid Genius

ABC Kid Genius

Teach children the Alphabet, Numbers, Counting, Reading and Spelling using sound, pictures and video clips. Using the recognition method babies and toddlers learn by watching auto rotating lessons. kids as young as 18mths can learn to use the keyboard. Children progress and learn to type ...

Shareware  21,807k 2054 Phase II Pty Ltd
Hotkey Genius

Hotkey Genius

Hotkey Genius is the best hotkey manager! It has great features and user-friendly interface. Fast start of applications at hotkey press. Opening any files and folders at hotkey press. User-friendly interface. Auto start with Windows. Full multi-user support on NT/2000/XP. Full support of Windows XP ...

Shareware  945k 1235 Draxysoft

Math Genius

Math Genius is a powerful and original software. Those who are concerned about their child's math skills should find Math Genius a very good way to get started. It is for children ages from 4 to 8. The Game lets your child easily learn the ...

Shareware  4,655k 822 Spell Soft Inc
Photo Genius

Photo Genius

With the help of best photo editing tool, all kinds of converting and editing functions can be finished. Photo Genius allows you to add comment, date, watermark text and watermark image to your pictures. Help you adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation of your ...

Shareware  5,705k 1177 LionSea inc

Kid Savvy PC

Kid Savvy PC provides a secure desktop for children to develop computer skills, surf kid-safe websites, and enjoy educational and entertaining activities. It comes pre-loaded with many web links and activities, and requires minimal computer knowledge to set up. Your PC will remain safe from ...

Shareware  15,872k 406 Resolutions Realized, LLC

Genius Maker

Genius Maker contains 32 educational softwares covering the subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for High school students. It includes Graph plotter, Analytical geometry, Matrix algebra, Equation solver, Triangle solver, Unit converter, Refraction of rays, Lens and mirrors, Color theory, Transverse waves, Radioactive decay, Periodic table, ...

Demo    489 Golden K star Private Ltd

Aid Submission Genius

Submit your software to 400 software sites using new submission principle - an online submission robot, the most accurate and effective automatic submission system. All you need to do is to fill one form or enter your PAD URL, all the rest will be done ...

Shareware  981k 1018 AidSoft

Betting Genius

Betting Genius is a powerful sports management and prediction tool, that enables you to create, manage and track the team statistics, fixtures, scores and player statistics of your favorite leagues or download regularly updated league files from the internet from over 30 different leagues. The ...

Shareware  3,695k 1272 BettingGenius com

Driver Genius 2004

Driver Genius 2004 is easy-to-use and powerful tool for backing up or restoring the drivers, it can fast detect all the devices in computer and backup the drivers, and it can make the drivers into the zip-compressed format or self-extractor format files. When you reinstall ...

Shareware  3,257k 2538 Driver soft Inc

Magic Words Genius

Magic Words Genius is a funny words game. The goal of Magic Words Genius is to make more valid words and get more higher score, then you will have more powerful magic to attack the green-eye monster.There are two game types: classic and action; and ...

Shareware  4,148k 1401 Brave world

MSN Genius

MSN Genius is a message content enhancing software for Microsoft MSN Messenger, it download all additional MSN message contents (including MSN winks, MSN emotions, MSN display picture, MSN dynamic display picture) automatically and allow you preview them, just select some of them and click on ...

Shareware  930k 3742 Thomas Yao
Registry Genius Registry Cleaner

Registry Genius Registry Cleaner

Registry Genius Registry Genius is an award-winning Windows Registry Cleaner that will scan your PC and safely clean the errors & invalid entries that cause system slowdown, Windows Errors and Computer Freezing. It has many features and advanced tools to help you restore and optimize ...

Shareware  1,051k 1057 PcSoftware1
Clone Genius

Clone Genius

Backup the entire system including Windows, programs, files and personal settings, so that you can restore them in the event of a system crash or hard disk problems. Just a few mouse clicks, no Windows reinstallation is required. Save your time and money. Clone Genius provides ...

Commercial  17,969k 3490 Spotmau
Partition Genius

Partition Genius

This is a powerful tool which allows you to manage your hard disk partitions, such as creating partitions, deleting partitions, hiding partitions, formatting partitions, splitting partitions, merging partitions, resizing partitions and rebuilding the lost partition table. In addition, it provides some other useful functions, such ...

Commercial  3,065k 1819 Spotmau
Password Genius

Password Genius

Forget your Windows Admin/User password? Want to find out your computer's BIOS/CMOS password? Or email, MSN, IE and Google Talk password? Or MS product key? This is the right tool for you! Password Genius package includes three modules: Windows Admin/User Password, BIOS/CMOS Password and Password ...

Commercial  17,676k 16416 Spotmau
Photo Recovery Genius

Photo Recovery Genius

Photo Recovery Genius is a risk-free and READ ONLY photo recovery utility developed by MT Solution Ltd. This program can help you recover photos and videos with ease. Photo Recovery Genius recovers photos and video from various media storage devices, such as digital cameras, hard ...

Shareware  1,537k 856 PowerDataRecovery com
Video Snapshots Genius

Video Snapshots Genius

Video Snapshots Genius allows you to quickly and easily captures your favorite movie scenes of MPEG, AVI, WMV, DivX, RealMedia, QuickTime and DVD files to single picture files or thumbnail galleries. Video Snapshots Genius supports the many kinds of captures method. You can set up ...

Shareware  1,953k 702 lonking com
Picture Merge Genius

Picture Merge Genius

Picture Merge Genius is a simple and easy-to-use program for merging your photos,images and pictures. The software can combine several pictures into one in different ways,In the new picture you can also set the size and position of the source files. Picture Merge Genius is ...

Shareware  1,651k 1085 easy tools net

PDF Genius

PDF Genius is a smart tool program designed to manage your PDF files , make easy for use PDF files . It provides create your own catalog any of you want , drag a *.pdf files into this catalog . Then from now on you ...

Shareware  1,244k 1045 211 95 174 9
Driver Genius Professional Edition 2005

Driver Genius Professional Edition 2005

Driver Genius Professional is a professional driver management tool features both driver management and hardware diagnostics. Driver Genius provides such practical functions as driver backup, restoration, update and removal for computer users. If you often reinstall your operating system, you may not forget such painful ...

Shareware  5,802k 3989 Driver soft
Picture Resize Genius

Picture Resize Genius

Picture Resize Genius is a simple, easy-to-use and batch processing program for your photos, images and pictures. The program can resize graphics files for the purpose of email and web sites, or just to save space on your hard drive, or whatever reason you might ...

Shareware  1,809k 1414 Lonking Software LLC
Auto Shutdown Genius

Auto Shutdown Genius

With Auto Shutdown Genius, you can automatically shutdown, power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, standby or screen save your computers at schedule date and time, when the computer is idle or when excessive CPU usage.Auto Shutdown Genius gives you different ways to schedule the ...

Shareware  1,336k 1032 Lonking Software LLC

Typing Genius

* Increase your typing speed by 200% at once!* Type any word with no more than 5 keystrokes!* Greatly improve your typing speed !Typing Genius is an amazing text editor that can help you type much faster with higher accuracy. When you type the beginning ...

Shareware  1,965k 956 MPC soft
Palm Finance Genius

Palm Finance Genius

Palm Finance Genius is a powerful financial calculator. Calculates Compound Interest, Continuous Compounding, Present Value / Rate of Return, Composite Investments, Bond Yield, Annuity, Mortgage etc. * Finance o Compound Interest o Continuous Compounding o Present Value / Rate of Return o Composite Investments o ...

Shareware  341k 1661 Soft 4 Biz

Kid Control

Kid Control records everything your children types while specified programs are running and can also capture screen images. All of this information is saved for later viewing by the parent.

Freeware    327

Einstein's Genius

This game gives kids a fun way to think like Einstein. Kids must use Einstein's thought process to solve the challenges and become a genius. This is the first game in the world where kids must find the right questions instead of the right answers. ...

Shareware  12,349k 433 Curiosoft Kids Games

Kid's Digital Mosaic

Kid's Digital Mosaic is fun mosaic building game,designed for kids to improve their creativity without being confused with computer operating system.You will be amazed at how quickly your child develops visual memory,hand and eye motor skills, and concentration skills.Your child is developing basic computer skills, ...

Shareware    422 toys@desktopmetronome

Screen Recorder Genius

Screen Recorder Genius is an easy-to-use screen recording tool. It records any screen activities and save them into standard AVI video files automatically. It can also record sound from the microphone, line-in or speakers. There are three types of region recording, it can capture defined ...

Shareware  4,209k 532 CorkSoft

Convert Genius

Convert Genius has been manufactured as a solid, flexible and format-rich conversion package that could easily and efficiently convert video files among all popular formats. Convert Genius allows various customized options including output formats, audio/video codec, movie dimension, frame rate, etc. Key featuresConvert All Popular ...

Shareware  10,701k 255 Convert Genius Software Inc.

Post-it Shopping Genius (Mac)

Post-it? Notes? Shopping Genius is a free widget* which will not only find the best prices of your favorite products, but will keep track of price changes.

Freeware  3,226k 514
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